Introducing Terradactyl's All-New Premium Glass and Metal Maps

• High clarity and ultra-vivid imagery
• Up to 23”x23” on glass and 40"x60" on metal
• No limits to size or scale of glass map
• Can write or draw directly on glass

GlassMap-Small copy

Glass Map Panel


Metal Map Panel

All Mapping Products

Heavy Coated Paper

• $4.50/sq. ft.
• Entry-level paper map

Satin Photo Paper

• $5.75/sq. ft.
• High quality paper map with
a photo gloss finish

Premium Glass Maps

• $150 per panel
• High quality print medium
for your property map

Premium Metal Maps

• Print up to 40"x60" sized panels
• Top of the line printing medium

Map Features and Packages

Additional Printed Maps

• Small pocket maps
• Multiple map packs

Property Landmark Labeling

• Labels printed directly on map

About Us

Terradactyl is a GIS Mapping and Drone Services company focused on providing high quality mapping products and delivering them both digitally and on a variety of printed mediums. We specialize in high resolution mapping for properties on a large scale with near survey-grade accuracy.

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