Terradactyl provides a range of aerial products that highlight the many features and characteristics of each property to a high degree of detail.

Every draw, ridge, plateau, and tree will be revealed to allow for a greater understanding of your land. Know your property in and out without the strain of traversing the property. Below are many examples and additional information on our aerial products.


Ultra High Resolution 2D aerial view across your entire property with resolution quality greater than or equal to 3 cm per pixel. Viewing this map digitally on your computer will allow you to zoom in and examine many features and landmarks in unprecedented detail.


Property Navigation

One of the many benefits of mapping your property with Terradactyl is the ability to navigate the land through our online portal. Take advantage of the tools available to view the land in different formats or to fly through the property as if your actually there. Now you can plan for future improvements to the land or gather data without leaving the house. Take a look at the video here to see an example of how property navigation can be as seamless as a point and click.


Digital Surface Model

Examining the terrain characteristics can be very useful for analyzing the different land use options available on your property. An understanding of water sheds, elevation change and other topographical features can assist in planning where to place new roads, new stands, locating game trails and much more.


3D Model

This digital product allows you to view every three dimensional object across your property. Every building, boulder, tree or other above ground objects will be viewable in three dimensions.


Digital Surface Model



Digital Terrain Model


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Terradactyl is a GIS Mapping and Drone Services company focused on providing high quality mapping products and delivering them both digitally and on a variety of printed mediums. We specialize in high resolution mapping for properties on a large scale with near survey-grade accuracy.

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