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Terradactyl specializes in High Resolution Property mapping.
Through the use of drones, Terradactyl creates an Orthomosaic survey with an unprecedented level of detail across your property. Landowners can view the map in a variety of different imagery layers such as 2D, 3D, digital elevations models, topography and much more. These maps will provide you new insights across your unique property and allow you to understand the terrain of your land. In addition to viewing your map on the computer with Aerial Fly Mode, Terradactyl has a range of mapping products for to display your map anywhere you’d like and any size you’d like. Our new premium glass maps allow you to have your property imagery printed directly on glass panels for a vivid and high resolution display. These maps can also be written and drawn on with wet or dry erase markers for communication amongst other hunters or guests.

The CASE Method


Cost Effective

One of our core principles is reducing the operational cost wherever possible while remaining competitive with other manned and paid satellite options. The goal is to create the highest quality Orthomosaics for a reasonable price per acre.



The resulting map of your property is more than just a beautiful image. This survey-grade accurate map and real time view of your property is unlike any satellite maps. With the use of our survey grade gps and real time kinematic satellite navigation, your property map
is geo-referenced and achieves an absolute X, Y, Z accuracy of down to 1.5 cm (0.6 in) and a ground resolution as sharp as 3 cm (1.2in) per pixel.



Gone are the days where you need a helicopter, manned aircraft, or satellites to map out your property. Terradactyl replaces the risk and dangers with a quicker and safer operation by using advanced fixed wing and quadcopter drones. The drones are equipped with safety features such as automated flight planning and obstacle avoidance to reduce overall
operational flight risks.



Automated flight planning software ensures that the jobs can be completed as quickly as possible by flying flight lines at consistent intervals which saves you time and money.

About Us

Terradactyl is a GIS Mapping and Drone Services company focused on providing high quality mapping products and delivering them both digitally and on a variety of printed mediums. We specialize in high resolution mapping for properties on a large scale with near survey-grade accuracy.

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