Ultra High Resolution

Gain a new perspective of your
land from a drone’s eye view

Data Management

Let your data drive your map

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RTK Accuracy

Utilizing survey-grade equipment,
our accuracy is measured in millimeters

GIS Mapping Services

Intelligent mapping and data management

More than just a pretty picture.
From elevation to vegetation, our products detail the science of your property.

Digital surface terrain, and elevation models illustrate the characteristics of your land’s surface.

Demonstrates the diversity of terrain and elevation across your property.

Traverse your property in 3 dimensions.

Understand the health and mix of all vegetation on your property.

Drone Services

Find out more about what
drones can do for you.


View a portfolio of photos and GIS
maps from our recent projects.

GIS Mapping

Find out how we can assist you
on your next GIS project.

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About Us

Terradactyl is a GIS Mapping and Drone Services company focused on providing high quality mapping products and delivering them both digitally and on a variety of printed mediums. We specialize in high resolution mapping for properties on a large scale with near survey-grade accuracy.

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